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Friday, November 18, 2011

The "SHANGA" project

Banana-leaf table mats - $10

Banana-leaf bags - $30

Small Banana-leaf basket - $15

Big banana-leaf Basket - $25 

Mat - $40

Neck-less - $10
Bristle - $5  

This is the "Shanga" project. This is a selection of some the stuff we produce. Right now we're going around hotels and different curio-shops for trying to sell our materials to make some money for the group so we can afford food and medicine.

You can also buy this material over the Internet buy sending us and email or give us a call, explaining what you want to buy.

We'll be really happy if you want to support us and buying some of the products we are making.

We are really in need of support by any means. The "Group" is still young and needs a lot of help for increasing the health and other issues caused by the HIVAIDS virus. 

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